My Thoughts

As a fan of the Horrid Henry series I opened this book with great excitement and I was not disappointed.  I won't beat about the bush - I LOVE it!

The story is terrific fun to read out loud, with easy rhymes and lots of opportunity for kids to join in and roar.  Storytime will be riotous with this one which is just as it should be. There is plenty of repetition for new readers to enjoy and opportunities to read together with roles for the parent/carer and great roles for kids too.

Charlotte Cotterill's illustrations are, like the story and the characters, uproarious.  There is masses to see; wonderful rumbustious scenes and fabulous expressions.

A rollicking read.

The Story

Hack and Whack, two angelic looking twins, maraud around their viking settlement ruling the roost with their wild and naughty antics.  They are on the attack! As they chase around their village upsetting the apple carts, little do they know there is a force far more powerful than they: their mum! The story ends on the terrible two being plunged into a cold bath!

Gloriously funny, slapstick, fast paced action from the queen of funny.