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A very exciting day today as I’m launching my new website! Being an author can be a lonely job and, perhaps surprisingly, it does not involve writing all day. I recently went to the London Book Fair and met a lot of far more successful authors than I am and on average they told me they spend half their time writing, the other half answering mail, dealing with their website, blogs etc.

Well I am the lucky one because I love that side of things! I am excited about getting to grips with Instagram (with a little help from the lovely Louisa) and meeting you all through The Forum as well as hearing about what you’re reading and including some of your photos in The Album. I have a list as long as your arm of fabulous wildlife charities I want to feature, authors I’d like to interview for The Notebook and books I want to read for The Bookshop. So that’s my mornings spoken for!

Afternoons …… mmmmm, a long nap and a box of dark chocolate? In my dreams, a quick whizz around the block with Rumpole (check out his gorgeous face in The Album) and I’ll be pen in hand and adding the final touches to what will be my first children’s novel, The Witches Punchbowl. It’s a story told through the eyes of ten year Jasmine whose search for her lost cat Mitzi leads her into a web of secrets. Jasmine and her mother live in The Witches Punchbowl in the middle of which is a lake with a brambly island on which Jasmine’s eccentric grandmother Hyacinth lives in an old caravan. The place is home to a rare species of purple dragonflies and Hyacinth believes them, and the island, to be magical and refuses to explain how she came to be there or why Jazz’s mother won’t set foot on the place. But the island calls to Jasmine and one night, after dreaming Mitzi was trapped there, she climbs down the wysteria and goes after nightfall to find her boat is not tethered where she left it and her grandmother is sitting by the fire entertaining a strange man with an accent, a scarred face and odd socks…….

Sorry - can’t tell you any more! You’ll have to wait and buy the book!

Bye for now.



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