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HAWTHORNE, known as the May-tree, is the only British plant to be named after the month in which it flowers.

WHITE BLOOMS always seems to come out first and for me are a mark of May - cow parsley, wild garlic, wood anemones and hawthornehave been out for a few weeks now and are just starting to fade and make space for their more colourful neighbours.

GARDEN SPIDER’S webs are sprinkled with hundreds of tiny spiderlings preparing to go out into the world. They will soon be dispersed on the wind, ballooning on a thread of gossamer.

THE SKY IS FULL of birds flitting too and fro with beaks full of food for their young . In starling families both parents help at mealtimes so there’s a lot of coming and going near their nests. Blackbirds can be seen on lawns and verges, their heads cocked listening for sounds of a worm to take back to the brood. Cuckoos have started laying in the nests of other birds, the females identifying a suitable nest, removing (often eating) one of the eggs and laying one of her own. When it hatches, the cuckoo chick will through out the other contents of the nest and the poor little parent birds will be left with a huge foster child to feed until it if flees the nest.





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