Twenty Things You Ought to Know About Pigs

Twenty Things You Ought to Know About Pigs - blog post image
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I thought this list from the fabulous Secret Life of Cows (by Rosamund Young) might be interesting for anybody wanting to feature a pig in the cast of their next story.

  1. Pigs take life easy, like comfort and sleep a lot.
  2. Pigs like to be waited on.
  3. Pigs like being allowed to build nests before farrowing.
  4. Pigs cover themselves in wet mud
  5. ... and let it dry and fall off leaving them clean.
  6. Pigs are very particular about personal hygiene ...
  7. ... and always keep their living quarters clean ...
  8. ..and are the only domestic animal to make a lavatory outside...
  9. Pigs 'make' their beds every day.
  10. Mother pigs make the beds for their piglets
  11. Pigs need clean water to drink and plenty of water to wash in.
  12. Pig's tails are curly if they are happy ...
  13. ... and straight if they are not.
  14. Pigs hate draughts.
  15. Pigs can get sun-burned.
  16. Pigs are very strong
  17. Pigs are usually gentle and make very nice friends but ...
  18. ...pigs can be dangerous if threatened or hungry.
  19. Pigs need a varied and interesting diet
  20. Pigs always choose the best, most organic food, given the chance. 

Binky, a black-faced pig, is one of the leading animal characters in The Witches' Punchbowl.

Watch out for Twenty Things You Ought To Know About Cows coming soon!



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