Twenty Things You Ought To Know About Cows

Twenty Things You Ought To Know About Cows - blog post image
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I thought this list from the fabulous Secret Life of Cows (by Rosamund Young) might be interesting for anybody wanting to feature a cow in the cast of their next story.

1. Cows love each other ... at least some do.

2. Cows babysit for each other.

3. Cows nurse grudges.

4. Cows invent games.

5. Cows take umbrage.

6. Cows can communicate with people.

7. Cows can solve problems.

8. Cows make friends for life.

9. Cows have food preferences.

10. Cows can be unpredictable.

11. Cows can be good company.

12. Cows can be boring. 

13. Cows can be intelligent.

14. Cows love music.

15. Cows can be gentle.

16. Cows can be aggressive.

17. Cows can be dependable.

18. Cows can be forgiving.

19. Cows can be obstinate.

20. Cows can be wise.  (How else would this one have chosen such cool sunglasses?)



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