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My twelve year old daughter Louisa is today's guest reviewer and she tells us what she make of Kate Frost's young adult novel Time Shifters Into The Past.

The Story

When Maisie Brown is time-shifted to 1471 during a school trip to Warwick Castle, it’s the beginning of an adventure bigger than she could ever have dreamed of. The only problem is she has to share it with Lizzie Andrews, the class bully, instead of her best friend Danny Romano, who has managed to get caught up amongst the Earl of Warwick’s army marching towards the Battle of Barnet.

Determined to save Danny, Maisie and Lizzie leave the safety of the castle and follow after the army. Battling against everything that Medieval England throws at them, the girls find unexpected help from a Lord with a surprising secret, and discover that two mysterious hooded riders are trying to hunt them down. With time fast running out to find Danny they begin to realise that they have the unlikeliest of allies looking out for them.

The chase is on to find a way home before being time-shifted again.

My Thoughts

I loved Time Shifters, it is really good if you want to read an adventure book while learning about history at the same time. It’s exciting, interesting and fun and nothing like I’ve ever read before but I really, really enjoyed it.

My favourite character is Maisie because she is kind, modest and nice but all the characters come alive and are very interesting. The descriptive way the time shifts are written really makes the story authentic.

I think Time Shifters would be a good read for people around 12 tears old because that is the age of the main characters so readers would be able to relate to them.

A great read - thank you very much Kate Frost the author for letting me read your lovely book and good luck with next one.

Ps. I really liked the cover too!

Thank you Louisa for being my guest reviewer today!



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