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The charity of the month for March was chosen by Susan Russell, author of A Jar Full of Angel Feathers reviewed on The Bookshelf last year.  

Susan tells us why she has chosen The Woodland Trust as her charity:-

"Do you know that trees are the biggest plants on the planet? They give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise the soil and give life to the world's wildlife, while also providing us with the materials for tools and shelter. Now come and sit beside me.

Ease yourself down onto the sun-warmed cushion of moss swaddling this long-fallen tree trunk and just 'be' for a moment or two. Breathe deeply of the forest air; sense the living greenness above and the gently decomposing past below. Can you see the insects dancing in the sun's rays that slant between the treetops to dance in bright patches at your feet? Do you marvel at the patterns of time etched into gnarled tree trunks blotched with lichen and decorated with fungi? Can you hear the birds, safe in their aerial world, calling to each other in musical tongues? Just over there, hollowed into the base of a coppiced trunk encircled by sprightly saplings, is a tiny pool. The uneven edges are softened with moss, a fern curls over the water and delicate toadstools huddle to one side – a place where fairies might be found.

Now stand up and imagine the forest gone, the planet impoverished by its absence, generations of children deprived of its magic and mystery, fairy dells lost forever... That thought makes me shudder, but fortunately there are charities working to save us from such a bleak prospect. The Woodland Trust is especially active in this respect, working on many levels to protect existing woodland, restore ancient forests and in planting the woodlands for our future."

Thank you so much for your beautiful words Susan.  I could not agree more.  Please visit The Woodland Trustwebsite to find out more about how we can protect our trees and learn more about the species that populate our 'green and pleasant land'. 




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