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How I wish I'd listened to my mother She knew the name of every tree in the woods and hedgerows. If, like, me you find yourself wishing you'd paid more attention,

or you simply want to identify a tree, The Woodland Trust have the app for you. It is an interactive British tree identification app that allows you, in just a few steps, to identify native and common non-native trees in the UK, whatever the season.

A tree can play so many roles in a story. It can be a character, a setting, a home or even a weapon. It can be a life force or deadly, poisonous or provider of nourishment, noisy or silent, strong or weak.

Bring your story to life by researching it properly. The difference between ‘he climbed into the tree’ and ‘he climbed into the low hanging branches of the sycamore’ is substantial don’t you agree? With the Woodland Trust’s app you can give your tree character with the right leaf shape, bark and colour. Or you can use it as inspiration to make up your own unique tree.



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