The True Colours of Coral Glen

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An inventive, spooky and heartfelt story of a girl on a race-against-time, gothic-tinged treasure hunt. For fans of Neil Gaiman's THE GRAVEYARD BOOK and Helena Duggan's A PLACE CALLED PERFECT.

Coral sees the world around her through a rainbow of colours not visible to others - an afternoon of adventure is Treasure Island Gold but a morning with a maths test is Stormy Canyon Grey. When her beloved grandma dies, Coral can't find the colour to match how heartbroken she is. She makes a bargain with a ghostly boy - she'll stop an evil spirit from breaking the spell imprisoning him in a graveyard and he'll find a way for her to say goodbye properly to Grandma.

My Thoughts

Nobody does atmosphere quite like Juliette Forrest, and this book is spooky with a capital S.

Coral is a great, multi-layered character and her unique way of looking at the world is so infectious I found myself seeing a rainbow of colours I'd never before noticed, and attributing meanings and moods to them that (usually) brightened my day.

The True Colours of Coral Glen is an original, imaginative, well-paced rainbow of a story that will captivate you to the very last, (black and white) page.



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