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Deep on Dartmoor, cousins Matt and Tilda discover a skull. And from that moment black things happen. Birds and animals turn bad, and there's talk of the return of an old curse. An adventure story that draws on the myths and legends of Dartmoor when thirteen year old Matt comes down from London to stay with his cousins .

The Skull in the Wood would appeal to boys and girls alike and, depending on their reading level, would be a fun read for anybody from about 9 - 13. It would also be a great one to read aloud though maybe not at bedtime!

My Thoughts

I picked this book because I loved the title and the setting, on Dartmoor, takes me back to my childhood of stomping across the moors, losing wellies in the bogs and fearing the fog that can fall in minutes and lose you forever ! I am also, as I have told you before, something of a sucker for Chicken House books so knew I could trust this one to be good before I opened the first page.

The story of The Skull in the Wood is told by three main characters - Tilda, Matt and Kitty - who alternately recount events as they saw them through their eyes. It is a mechanism that works well and carries you along at quite a pace. Sandra Greaves sets Matt and Tilda against each other with some fabulous bickering, irritants and competitiveness that, if we are honest, most of us will recognise from some stage in our lives. It is this conflict that drives the story and takes it to a very satisfying conclusion. Hopefully Greaves has left enough out of this one to furnish a sequel.



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