The Lost Witch

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Bea has started to hear and see things that no one else can – creatures, voices, visions.

Then strangers visit Bea and tell her she is different: she has the rare powers of a witch. They warn her she is being hunted. Her parents think she is hallucinating and needs help. All Bea wants to do is get on with her life, and to get closer to Lars, the mysterious young man she has met at the skate park. But her life is in danger, and she must break free. The question is – who can she trust?

My Thoughts

I loved this book! It's a powerful, thrilling fantasy about magic, myth and following your instincts. I listened to the audio version which is fabulously performed and highly recommended for a family car journey with the following health warning:- I don't know precisely what the 'Young Adult' category is, but I would imagine this probably fits it. My thirteen year old loved it but I wouldn't have let her read it last year so if you have primary school kids in the car I wouldn't recommend it. 

If your family enjoyed this one, you might like to check out Junk, the novel that won Melvin Burgess the coveted Carnegie medal in 1998 and became one of the best-known young adult books of that decade. 





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I loved this tweet so much I had to screenshot and save it as a notice so we can all enjoy it for a bit longer!