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  • January 02, 2018


Nate and his mother are running away, hiding out in a tumbledown cottage in the middle of a forest. When Mum heads off for provisions, and then doesn't return, Nate is left alone and afraid, with the dark closing in all around him. But comfort can come from the most unexpected of places - a mysterious girl trying to solve the clues of a treasure hunt and the reappearance of an old friend from his past. Will Nate find the bravery needed to face the troubles of his present and ultimately illuminate the future?

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed Lisa Thompson’s first novel The Goldfish Boy and so was thrilled when her next one, The Light Jar, landed on my doorstep. Lisa has been kind enough to answer some of your questions as well, and you can find out more about this fabulous author here.

I read the Light Jar feeling sorry for myself in bed with flu on New Year’s Day while the shrieks and laughter of a lunch party I could not attend drifted up the chimney breast. The story was the perfect antidote to my wallowing and I was drawn into the mystery from page one. By chapter two I was happy to be missing the party as I set off on the roller coaster of emotions The Light Jar whirls us through; intrigue, concern, sadness, fear, fascination and lots and lots of excitement. I read it in one sitting and couldn’t put it down. Congratulations Lisa - another triumph!

The Light Jar, written In the first person, is narrated by eleven year old Nate who welcomes you into his world and takes you with him on an intriguing and heartfelt mystery. The cast of characters is vivid, the story is enticing and the setting for Nate’s extraordinary adventure cinematic. I was right there with Nate in the tumbledown cottage in the frosty wood. I dare not write much more for fear of giving something away. Order The Light Jar from your local library, implore your school to stock it or treat yourself to a copy. You won’t regret it. The Light Jar is available from January 4th in paperback.




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