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BY Julia Thum | 0 Comment(s)
  • April 24, 2017

When Faith's father is found dead under mysterious circumstances, she is determined to untangle the truth from the lies. Searching through his belongings for clues she discovers a strange tree. A tree that feeds off whispered lies and bears fruit that reveals hidden secrets. The bigger the lie, and the more people who believe it, the bigger the truth that is uncovered. But as Faith's untruths spread like wildfire across her small island community, she discovers that sometimes a single lie is more potent than any truth.

The Story

I was drawn in by the title and it didn't disappoint. I bought the audio book, which is beautifully read by Amelia Fox and between them she and Frances Hardinge sucked me into this seething, magical story set in a time when doctors believed intellect could be assessed by the circumference of the head and that women's heads are always smaller than men's.

The cover is a great start but then I'm a bit obsessed with trees. I was so intrigued to find out about The Lie Tree itself I zoomed through the first few chapters desperate to find out about this eponymous character (the one giving its name to the book). And character it is. We know that animals, plants and trees can be anthromorphized in books (written about as though they are human) but though The Lie Tree does not pretend to be human its presence oozes and seethes and writhes through every brilliantly written sentence.

The Lie Tree is sometimes a dark, visceral story and it is gripping from start to finish. Hard to write more without giving the game away except to say that Faith, the main character, is a feisty, intelligent, determined and stubborn girl it is impossible not to like and you will find yourself gunning for her from the very first page.

A fascinating story with a great ending. I do not know what age the book is officially targeted at but I would suggest 10 - 14 year olds would love it. I am five times that age and couldn't put it down so maybe adults too!



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