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My Thoughts

I was lucky enough to be sent a review copy of The Fox in the Box and when it arrived in the post, my twelve year old daughter immediately took it and read it, punctuated but oohs and aahs and ‘Freya would LOVE this!” and “oh, it’s so sweet”. A promising start.

For myself I can report The Fox in the Box is delightful. Lee Holland’s illustrations are gentle and traditional but with a charming modern twist. The animals put me in mind of my all time favourite Sylvanian Family creatures, so I was immediately won over.

The story itself is told in verse and is good to read out loud. It would also be great one for early readers. There are a few long words that the very young may struggle with, but the illustrations will help them to tell the story and hold their attention beautifully.

I am not overly fond of children’s stories with messages but this one - about over development and how it affects wildlife - fits well in the narrative and is one children will relate to, and witness, in their every day lives.

Congratulations to the author Amanda Gee and the illustrator Lee Holland on a charming book.

The Story

When Lydia finds a lost a baby fox outside her back door, they set off together to look for his family. But on the way, they discover a terrible disaster is about to overtake their village. Can they stop it … and will the cub find what he’s longing for?



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