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Fred, Con, Lila, and Max are on their way back to England from Manaus when the plane they’re on crashes and the pilot dies upon landing. For days they survive alone, until Fred finds a map that leads them to a ruined city, and to a secret.

My Thoughts

The Explorer is the ultimate adventure story, Treasure Island stirred up with Swallows and Amazons and seasoned with a sprinkling of Robinson Crusoe.

Katherine Rundell’s writing is exciting and vivid and her characters beautifully drawn and charmingly flawed. In The Explorer she uses the age old story telling technique of getting the adults out of the way in scene one in order to facilitate a thrilling romp through an Amazonian rainforest that bursts off the pages in a delicious tangle of poison, prickles and problems that the children must overcome if they are to survive.

This is a simple story - those, of course, are the hardest to write - and to say more is to ruin the plot but this is a rollercoaster of an adventure that every child will adore and every adult will envy.

I listened the Audible edition narrated by Peter Noble and was totally gripped.



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