The Awkward Autumn of Lily McClean

The Awkward Autumn of Lily McClean - blog post image
BY Julia Thum | 0 Comment(s)
  • August 22, 2018

Lily's hoping to put all the madness of the previous summer behind her. Telling people you hear voices doesn't win you many friends. Especially when you're starting high school. Especially when everyone thinks you're just like your troublemaking big sister.

At least Lily's best mates Rowan, David and Aisha will stand up for her. But when she finds nasty messages in her locker, Lily knows someone's out to steal her friends and leave her all alone. Lily hopes a fun trip to the Isle of Arran will bring her friends together, but soon those dramas seem like the least of her problems. Back home, her big sister's in big trouble: She might end up in jail -- or worse. The last thing Lily wants is to start up that weird psychic stuff again, but it might be her only hope

My Thoughts


This is the sequel to The Mixed Up Summer of Lily MacClean and in this one Lily’s starting high school
(remembering this is the Scottish system so English years 7s are first years in this story)
This seemingly simple story cleverly encompasses first day nerves, friendship insecurities and family dynamics.
It would make an excellent read for rising year 7s as they approach and settle into their new schools in the first term of the academic year. It's beautifully written and laugh-out-loud funny. 




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