Tales From the Riverbank

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Yellow Iris’s, sometimes called yellow bears are tall and their flowers are unfolding, drooping elegantly above the reeds. Further midstream

yellow water-lilies are peeping through their dark leathery leaves that famously formed stepping stones for Beatrix Potter’s Jeremy Fisher.

Dragonflies and damselflies, are gliding above the water. They should be welcome visitors to your garden or picnic, not only for their beauty but because they eat the midges and mosquitoes that will want to eat you!

There are crested grebes nesting down stream from us. Their eggs must hatch any day now and their chicks, striped like Everton mints, will ride along the water on their parents backs

Watch out for a very special edition of Tales from the Riverbank next stream when I’ll be reporting from a unique regatta upstream at Bisham Abbey




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