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Whenever I’m on my kayak I see so much that I want to note down but it’s hard to paddle and write! Luckily I’ve found a solution, dictating tales from the riverbank into my phone as I paddle. If you like this series check out the tag for more.

If you want to be a story teller there is no better place to look for inspiration than nature. Today for example I can tell you it’s a busy time of year on the water, the birds are all a flutter with the mating season or eggs to protect. Most mute swans have large circular nests of reeds, the pen (female) sitting proudly in the middle while the cobb (male) patrols the surrounding waters.

Today I took the above photograph but the cobb was not best pleased and knowing that if he extends his wings he’s bigger and heavier than my little kayak I didn’t stay for another snap!

Most good stories start with what if … what if I had paddled between the cobb and his mate’s nest. What if he attacked me? Would I have fallen from my kayak? Who could have saved me?

The questions to ask when setting up a story are who, why, what, where and when?

Who was kayaking along? Why? What happened to them and when.

I saw coots nests today as well - they will hatch soon, the chicks little heads pillarbox red so their parents can easily keep count. What would happen if they lost one? When will they be old enough to set up of their first adventure alone and what might happen to them?

If you like writing stories carry a notebook or some means to record your thoughts. You think they’ll stay with you until you get home but believe me they’ll disappear like like migrating birds the moment you pick up your pen.



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