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  • January 18, 2018

When a little boy stumbles across a special star, he puts it in a jar and takes it on adventures.

But the poor star misses its home ... Can the little boy and his big sister find a way to send the star safely back? 

My Thoughts

This wonderful story encapsulates sibling love and adventures, so much so that we don't know the character's names, the story teller preferring "my little brother", "he" and the all important "WE".  

Star In The Jar is a delightful read, perfect for dark winter evenings when the night sky is already twinkling as young children go to bed.  The narrator tells a tale of brother and sister happening upon a star and working out together how to send it back to its natural home.  It's a charming story with a delightful conclusion I won't spoil here, but the real joy is the relationship between the two characters.  The brother and sister ask everybody in their little world what to do about the star, "we asked the sheriff... the fairies hadn't lost it... nor had the wizards" then work out on their own what they should do.  And the result is magical.

Sarah Massini's characterful illustrations have a poignancy and innocence that support the story exquisitely. 

A wonderful book that deserves to be a great success.  

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