Sleepless in Stonehenge

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  • April 18, 2018

The series includes The Seven Sisters, Sleepless in Stonehenge, The Golden Bunny of the Lake District and Nessie’s Husband.

I was grateful to be sent the second in the series, Sleepless in Stonehenge, which tells the tale of Viva, Miranda’s fourth daughter, who struggles to fall asleep at night. The witch finds a solution and takes the little girl on an adventure to Stonehenge to cure her fear of the dark.

My Thoughts

Children will love this charming story and I can imagine, after reading this one, they would be keen to read the others in the series.

The tale is simply told and will appeal to early readers or would be lovely to read together, particularly at bed time. The vocabulary is simple with basic repetition to help reinforce learning. The illustrations are magical with lots to find and talk about together. They would be fun for children to try and copy as well.

The book is beautifully produced with a map of England on the map showing the location of this, and the other stories in the Witcyh Travel Tales Series. There is also the opportunity for readers to get in touch with the author and propose a place that is “precious” to them as the location for the next in the series. A lovely idea.



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