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I have fallen a little behind on my notebook, distracted from what should have been the final triumphant week of editing my novel by voluntary work. It's all

in a good cause but writers need discipline to resist the calls of every day life and determinedly plod on with committing our internal life to paper.

If you don't keep a diary start now. Write something in it every day; thought, facts, news. It doesn't matter what you write, just that you write. I’ve had fun in my own diary recently playing with how words taste. I know - bear with me - the idea came from a novel I’m reading when the narrator referred to the ‘caustic soda of the word.” It led me to wonder - is ‘magic’ a sherbet lemon kind of word that fizzes on your tongue? I imagine it is if you believe in it. Which words do you think might taste like lemon, or chilli, or flour?

Tying up the final few loose ends for my Witches Punchbowl series I have been inventing magical recipes and collecting ideas for ingredients from friends. One suggested willow wallop. The fact there is no such thing matters not, it is alliterative, it sounds possible if not probable, and it is pertaining to the Thames so willow wallop went into the pot along with herb of paradise, seed husk, ground walnut skin, honey-moth dust and fairy ring soil.

If you have any better ideas do please send them



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