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Lark struggles when her family and friends for on holiday for the Autumn half term. Her mother is ill, her little sister has stopped speaking and she has fallen out with her best friend.

Is a girl in a green dress following her in the fog? Or is her sister playing tricks on her> When a local woman tells her 'the girl' comes to take sisters, Lark is the only one who can save her family.

My Thoughts

I picked this book because I really enjoyed the author's last book, Gaslight and Seaglass is, I think, even better.

The author does a brilliant job at portraying the inner dialogue of a confused, sometimes bolshy thirteen year old who is learning to handle complex emotions. She also treats the reader to beautiful descriptions of the Welsh coastline where the main character, Lark mooches about on the beach feeling sorry for herself until she begins to suspect somebody's following her in the fog and the whole mood changes.

Eloise Williams expertly sucks the reader into the murky shadows of this wonderful ghost story I hoped would never end.

Seaglass launches in September 2018. Treat yourself and reserve yourself a copy here:-

Local Library

Local Bookshop

Buy online here



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I loved this tweet so much I had to screenshot and save it as a notice so we can all enjoy it for a bit longer!