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Poppy dreams it would be fun to have a tail! But which kind will she choose? She tries our many different animal tail, then invents her own and finds lots of amusing and original ways to use it.

My Thoughts

Anybody listening at the window would have thought me utterly barking on the day Poppy’s Tail arrived in my letterbox. I read it out loud to myself once, twice, then three times. I am now longing to find an actual audience, and will definitely take it in for school reading next term. It really is a charming tale (excuse the pun).

The book is superb quality with tough pages that won’t tear in the hands of an enthusiastic toddler. And enthusiastic they will be. The story is delightful and the illustrations great fun with lots of opportunities for repetition and choosing of favourites that children will love. My own choice would be the ‘stunning pose’ with Poppy dangling her tail over her shoulder. Very Vogue!

Early readers will definitely be able to make head or tale of this one - the words and rhymes flow well and the layout and illustrations are clear and supportive. And the enchanting storyline will carry young readers along to its cozy bedtime ending.

I cannot recommend Poppy’s Tail highly enough. A sure fire success.



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