Pirate Lamby and his Woolly Crew

Pirate Lamby and his Woolly Crew - blog post image
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  • September 30, 2017

Pirate lamby sails the seven seas

In his wonderful ship The Laughing Louise.

He sails for weeks with his woolly crew

Jump aboard, you're welcome too.

Lamby and his trusty crew find a treasure map. All they have to do now is find the island and dig up the gold!

My Thoughts

This wonderful book by author Jude Lennon and artist illustrator Holly Bushnell takes you on a journey with Pirate Lamby and is everything a children's book should be. The tone, the story, the colour, the illustrations are all spot on and, having read it to a selection of four to five year olds, I can vouch that it enchants early readers as much as it has enchanted me.

The secret, I think, to Pirate Lamby's charm is that it is truly for children not, as so many early reader's books today, for children but with one eye on entertaining the adult reader too.

The story is simple, the rhyme and metre make it easy to read aloud and there is lots of aliteration that little children love. Some of the words may be too hard for early readers but the pictures and rhyme help and with a bit of patience and pointing readers will have fun getting there. The story will hold children's interest for longer than many early years books which they can tire of in a matter of days.

The illustrations are charming and there is lots to look at together; animals to identify, a treasure map to explore and every page a gloriously different colour supporting that part of the story with a particular mood.

Thank you Jude Lennon for sending me this lovely book to review.



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