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This year I will be building a list of twelve nature charities through a monthly spot in which I will invite different children's authors to propose and introduce a charity of their choice.  I thought I would kick off with my own and  make no apologies for having featured them before because, only last month, the

news was full of dreadful accounts of swans being mutilated in vicious attacks at public parks across the country.  It is down to wonderful people such as those  Swan Lifeline to save these poor creatures and get them well enough to re-introduce back into the wild.  I have been lucky enough to visit Swan Lifeline and was so inspired I featured a similar swan refuge in my latest book with two very special swans called Feather and Fortune. Feather was attacked by vandals and ends up at a swan rescue centre, Fortune has to find her.

Nature Charity # 1:-

Swan Lifeline is a registered charity dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of sick and injured swans in the Thames valley and surrounding areas. They are based on the fabulously named Cuckoo Weir Island.

Since it’s inception in 1988 Swan Lifeline has rescued and treated over 30,000 swans. Most of them are released back into the wild with safe adoption homes found for the few who are unable to survive alone.

Swan Lifeline is run by two full time and one part time members of staff and over 20 volunteers. At this time of year they are called out on average 15 to 20 times a week. At the moment they have 60 birds being treated on Cuckoo Weir Island.

Swan Lifeline runs entirely on donations. You may like to think of some ways to raise money for them, either in your Brownie group, class group or friendship group. Send me your ideas and I’ll give you a shout out on Twitter and Instagram. Follow them on Instagram or post your ideas with the hashtag #CuckooWeirIslandSwans



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