Murder in Midwinter

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Sat on the top of a bus days before Christmas, Maya sees a couple arguing violently in the middle of a crowded Regent Street. They see her watching, she looks away, and the woman disappears.

Maya goes to the police, who shrug and send her away. Then a body turns up… Now convinced she is a vital witness to a crime, the police send Maya into hiding in rural Wales. She resolves to get to the bottom of the mystery. Then the snow comes and no one can get out. But what if someone can still get in?

My Thoughts

This is a great story - full of twists and turns and adventures. I was gripped from start to finish. The settings and the characters are well drawn and the story builds beautifully so your knuckles are white by the time you reach the last few scenes. 

The snow scenes are so cinematic you may need an extra blanket to warm you when you read them. Then if you get scared you've got something to hide under!




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