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There were days when I watched from dawn, when the sea was still, misty and milky white, through the rolling blue of the morning, to the tufted waves and mackerel skies of midday. I watched the colours of the sea and the sky shifting together, like a beautiful dance of light...

Extract from Our Castle by the Sea, Lucy Strange (Published by Chicken House, January 2019)

The sea is the backdrop to so many of my happiest memories – building sandcastles at Broadstairs, catching the cross-Channel ferry to France, body-boarding on a Cornish beach, paddling at Whitstable, swimming in Guernsey, walking along Camber Sands in the winter sunshine . . . The sea, for me, has always been associated with holidays and fun.

Over the past year while I’ve been writing my new novel - Our Castle by the Sea– I have spent time visiting different parts of the English coast, researching the history of our beaches, bays and sandbanks, our fishing villages, cliffs and lighthouses. I have learnt a great deal and I have loved every shimmering-water, vast-sky, fresh-air moment of it.

I also watched David Attenborough’s incredible series - Blue Planet II- and, like so many others, I became very concerned about the future of our precious oceans. There has been significant gathering momentum over the past year or so to reduce our plastic waste and to take better care of our oceans, but there is still so much to be done.

The Marine Conservation Society was started in a garden shed in Herefordshire in 1983. It tackled small conservation projects at first, but is now leading huge, international campaigns, and its president is HRH, the Prince of Wales. The Marine Conservation Society works on many different levels – researching, recording, political lobbying – but one of the best things about it is that they make it easy for YOU to get actively involved in their work. We feel so angry and powerless seeing all those images of beautiful sea creatures choking on plastic, but we are not powerless. We can make a difference. Take a look at the Marine Conservation Society’s website to see how you can take part in a campaign, make a donation or actually get stuck-in and join a beach clean.




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