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Queen wasps out of hibernation. They were fertilised last autumn and are looking for suitable places to build their large, papery nests.

Hemlock coming up on the roadsides. It is one of many plants with umbrella shaped flowerhead but can be distinguished by the purple spots on its stalk and fern like, feathery leaves. It is very poisonous and can grow up to eight feet tall.


Mayflies dancing around each other in large groups, or resting on every available surface. They start life as an egg on the bed of the river, before hatching into a nymph that feeds on algae on the river bed for up to two years before emerging from the surface of the water as an adult. Once they are above water their lifespan is cruelly short, some species living as short a time as five minutes though most last a day or two.




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The Phantom Lollipop Man! - blog post image

The Phantom Lollipop Man!

Review to follow (busy week!) but, as you can see, I adored this hence its position as the March Book of the Month!  



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