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Little Foxes Wildlife Rescue Centre is my first choice for my #CharityTuesday blog. The centre is based in Oxfordshire and provides treatment and rehabilitation for all manner of wild animals

and birds in need of care and attention from the tiniest of mice and fledglings to fox cubs, badgers, orphaned deer fawnsand many more.

When necessary animals are brought in for treatment by the public and the hope is always that they will recover well enough to be released back into the wild. The charity trains foster carers to help rear the many, many orphans they have in every year and always try to provide a good quality of life for animals that cannot be returned to the wild, particularly so if they arrived as young orphans and if can adapt to a sheltered life.

Take a look at the Little Foxes website at - they have a great section entitled “When Should I Intervene to Rescue Wildlife” with advice and care suggestions for fox cubs, baby birds, leveret, rabbits and hedgehogs. If you find an injured creature and you are in doubt as to what to do, call Little Foxes and they will tell you more. The charity is run entirely by volunteers which means any donations go directly to the care of the animals.

I have chosen Little Foxes as my first #CharityTuesday blog because a dear friend who knows everything there is to know about animals says they run a great animal rescue service, and if she says Little Foxes are good then believe me they are GOOD! SO, check out their website for more information on the charity, and some interesting facts on wildlife.

Make Little Foxes your go-to animal rescue reference point and give abandoned and injured wildlife a chance of survival.





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