Letters From The Lighthouse

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  • September 04, 2018

We weren't supposed to be going to the pictures that night. We weren't even meant to be outside, not in a blackout, and definitely not when German bombs had been falling on London all month like pennies from a jar.

My Thoughts

It is always so lovely to discover a new author you like and Emma Carroll has burst into my consciousness like a firecracker! I am late to the party with this; Letters From The Lighthouse has been on my 'to be read' pile since last year. Thank goodness I eventually got around to it. It's a delightful, page turner of a story that reads like a classic and brings enlightenment and understanding to the dark days of World War Two. 

If the story of  Syrian refugees interested you in The Fox Girl and The White Gazelle (reviewed on The Bookshelf), take a look at Letters From The Lighthouse. The story is, as I say, set during the second world war and it considers the plight of Jewish refugees trying to reach Britain as well as the evacuation of children from the cities (1.5 million vulnerable people were evacuated to the countryside for their safety.)

This is just the sort of book I love and it is beautifully written. So much so, I went straight on to buy another of Emma Carroll's books - In Darkling Wood - which I will review shortly. I can already tell you I'm loving it though. 



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