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  • August 25, 2017

Jungle Jam in Brazil - Gina the Giraffe loves being part of the Jungle Jam band but she is nervous about leaving her home and trying new things. Follow Gina on her courageous journey and learn about the fabulous music and culture of Brazil.

My Thoughts

The first thing I noticed when I opened the envelope containing Jungle Jam was the quality of the books - heavy stock and a lovely, tactile texture with tough pages that won’t tear and eye catching bright print. You would definitely take this off the shelf in the library or bookshop.

Inside the books you meet a cool cast of characters - Ziggy the zebra, Larry the lion, Mikey the monkey, Ella the elephant and Gina the giraffe - all alliteratively named with their species and beautifully illustrated by Jason James. My favourite was Ziggy the zebra but there is something there for everybody. The newest Jungle Jam book introduces Manu the macaw who was my daughter’s favourite character (‘because he is colourful and nice’).

The stories are fun to read out loud and there is lots to talk about. The vibrant illustrations and charming storyline introduce children to new instrument names, sounds and cultures and Jungle Jam in Brazil includes repetition of the invaluable message that trying new things is fun. ‘Come on Gina, be brave and strong, we will look after you all day long’.

The books have great activity pages at the back. Children can search for instruments or make their own and there are some interesting facts on Brazil in the newest book.

I can imagine the Jungle Jam books going down well in a play group or classroom situation with an instrument box or perhaps in tandem with a “make your own instrument” craft session.



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