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STINGS AND PRICKLES will become more of a hazard as thistles and nettles proliferate in the verges and through the grass.

QUEEN WASPS will be coming out of hibernation looking for suitable places to build large, papery nests.

DECIDUOUS TREES are an almost luminous ‘spring’ green this time of year with most of them in full leaf and at their very best for the next week or two. Soon they will turn a darker, less vibrant colour of ‘forest green’ making them harder to distinguish from their evergreen cousins.

FOX CUBS born in April are beginning to come out of their holes and earths, the colour of their fur changing from chocolate brown to the more familiar rage and their eyes changing from blue to yellow. They will be dependant on their parents for food for some time so you may see adult foxes carrying young rabbits in the countryside or raiding bins in towns and cities to feed their young.



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