How did you choose the cover?

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The first question children ask when they hear I’ve had a novel published is, “did you do the illustrations?” The next is often, “how did you choose the cover?” and “how many have you sold?” I fear I disappoint on all scores as all I did was write the story (and even that with a co-author); I can’t draw for toffee, our publisher chose the cover and until the royalty statement I have no idea how many we have sold.

There is so much to book production that goes unacknowledged or un-noticed. Most of it is invisible to readers and much of it is a mystery to me, so I have decided to run a twelve step blog for teachers to help children learn more about the skills involved in bringing a book to market. I look forward to learning a bit along the way too!

The series will feature one interview a month, starting with a writer and ending with a librarian, so we can follow the process from the first to the last word in story telling.

I will start with an author feature in January, then an illustrator, an editor and a translator to help us make the work available in different languages. In May I will feature a children’s book agent, then a publisher, a cover designer and a printer. By then we should have an actual book, and in autumn we will need to find a distributor, a book reviewer, a bookshop owner and finally the all important librarian.

The interviews will be featured on my website and promoted on social media but to be sure to get them please sign up to my news letter so that they can come straight to your classroom.

In the meantime, if there are any questions you or your class would like to put to my interviewees, I would be delighted to hear from you. Please get in touch and send me your thoughts and I will be sure to credit you or your class if that would be appropriate.



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