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Tansy the sheep can’t go to sleep. She’s forgotten how to do it! But when she follows the barn owl’s advice and starts counting sheep, she realises that there is something wrong …

My Thoughts

The first thing I noticed about this lovely book was the quality of the production - it is beautiful.  Then I turned to page one and was instantly enchanted; midnight on the wild moors, the round white moon peeping over the clouds and a barn owl flying silently though the trees.  Lovely stuff. 

This is a charming story that children will adore and adults (they are important too - they often have to read them after all) will want to return to over and over again. A wonderful bedtime tale that turns counting sheep into quite an adventure!  

The vocabulary is right up my street and will gently enhance a child's nature literacy introducing them to teasels (one of my favourite plants ever) tors and gorse bushes that some children may only encounter through the pages of a book.

The word building is good and the counting opportunities great including a silly mistake which I bet nearly every child has made at least once when counting up a group including themselves.

The illustrations are delightful - simple, lots to look at and learn and sheep so woolly and cloud like you just want to bury your face in them!

Marion Adams and Sarah-Leigh Wills deserve this book to be a huge success.  Congratulations.

My copy of Go To Sleep will now go a local school library as part of the fabulous BookBuddy initiative. If you are a teacher, or a prolific reader with books to spare, do check it out and help to share the joy of reading.  You can get your copy here:-

Local Library

Local Bookshop

Buy online here



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