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  • January 25, 2018

It's hard to measure up in a family with high expectations. But it's even harder when those people sometimes use you as an arm rest. And call you 'Peanut'.

Anzo is 11 years old and very, very short. Mum, Dad and his two uncles are extremely tall but they're also high achievers, obsessed with fulfilling their lifelong ambition of opening a restaurant together. Everyone has a role - chef, DIY, marketing, accounts - but where does Anzo fit in? If only he could grow a few inches in height, then no one would be able to overlook him. Josh would stop teasing Anzo in school, he wouldn't have to play all seven dwarfs in the school play, and at home he could tell his parents about his drawing and the comic convention he's been invited to.

Then, overnight, Anzo starts to grow. Is life as a giant going to solve all his problems, or should he stop worrying and learn to just be himself?

My Thoughts

I have to confess a strong bias for Giant as it is set in the seaside town of Lyme Regis in Dorset, a stone's throw from where I was bought up and the site of many of my childhood adventures.

It's a lovely book; a heart-warming light read with a serious hidden message that doesn't swamp the plot or patronise the reader. The characters are strong and the dynamics between them are funny. Anzo's best friend, a wannabe therapist, is hysterical and my children laughed out loud when I read them the section of organisation v. spontaneity ... "no one argued with a post it note" will be my mantra from now on!

Alexandra Gunn's illustrations are spot on and add to this excellent story that will appeal to boys and girls for reading alone or to read with an adult at bedtime. Congratulations Kate and very best of luck with your next book - I look forward to welcoming you to the author Q & A spot in March so, as the cliche goes, watch this space! 

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