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  • June 14, 2018

Billy is a lonely boy. He's obsessed with swimming in the sea, which is where he goes to wash his problems far, far away.

Thanks to his mum's mystery illness, his dad has been forced to work extra hours to make ends meet, so Billy locks himself away with David Attenborough films, and ponders the magic of nature. Meanwhile at school, bullies mercilessly seize on Billy's 'otherness' and make his life as miserable as possible - but then new boy Patrick Green, with "fingers like steel, strength of a bear", joins Billy's class. And when a mackerel swims up to Billy's face, blows bubbles into his Vista Clear Mask goggles and says: Fish Boy - Billy's whole world changes.

My Thoughts

When I first heard about the book about the boy who talked to mackerel, I thought this probably wasn't one for me. I could not have been more wrong.  I kept hearing it recommended and I being told how well it is written so, when a particular industry expert told me I MUST read it, that's just what I did - thank goodness!

Fish Boy is a really lovely story. Original, quirky, poignant and with a very distinctive voice. The plot is unlike anything I've read before and because the main character, Billy, is so well drawn and his voice is so distinct, you hold your breath, dive in and swim the whole way with him. And it is an exhilarating journey. 

My favourite line in the book - in any book I have read for a long time - is "like a cat that you've just offered a fruit pastel to." I've never offered a pastel to a cat but I know just what Chloe Daykin means.

My copy of Fish Boy will now go a local school library as part of the fabulous BookBuddy initiative. If you are a teacher, or a prolific reader with books to spare, do check it out and help to share the joy of reading.

Treat yourself and get a copy of Fish Boy here:-


Local Library

Local Bookshop

Buy online here



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