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Apologies the site wasn't updated last month. I've had my head down with editing, and I've been on a wonderful writing course I want to tell you about.

Bloomsbury Press - Fantastic Fiction : Creating Magical Worlds!

I've done a couple of writer's retreats over the years but never an evening course like this one. It was, as promised on the tin, fantastic (and I far preferred it to retreats but that's another story).

The Bloomsbury course was taught by the wonderful Zoe Gilbert, author of Folk. If you like fantastic fiction, then you must read Folk; it's utterly original, beautifully written and draws you in like a dark brambly forest with an enticing light glinting through the trees. Though it's not a children's book per say, I do think teenagers would enjoy it. 

But back to the course - this one is over so I won't bang on about the detail, but the value was not only Zoe's intelligent and generous teaching but the companionship of twelve like-minded souls and the excuse it provided to really value and focus on writing. 

All this took me back to happy days writing Riverside Lane with my friend Gaynor Pengelly; the comfort and camaraderie to be found in chatting about characterisation, plot and pace - things few people outside the writing world want to discuss. Now I'm back to working alone (though I'm happy to announce I've just typed 'The End' on The Witches' Punchbowl,)  I'm reminded of the value of critique groups, writers clubs and if you can get to any, courses. 

So in the spirit of camaraderie and supporting our fellow writers, I'm delighted I've now caught up with posting reviews of some of the brilliant books I've read recently, so please visit The Bookshelf and check out my recommendations for some fantastic new middle grade fiction. 

Meanwhile, I'm off to find myself a critique group! 




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