Enchanted dragonflies

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I am not a superstitious person but magical thinking can be good starting point when writing stories. In my novel The Witches Punchbowl

is a false valley on the side of a hill above the Thames. It is home to hundreds, maybe thousands of enchanted purple dragonflies so imagine my delight when I came downstairs this morning to find such a creature in my kitchen.

I am deeply into omens at the moment, immersed as I am in the final draft of the story in which they play a big part. I chose to decide my visitors arrival signified good luck. That luck started when, on opening the window, the dragonfly just flew away because I am not great with flappy creatures so would have had to call in the troops to facilitate its escape otherwise. If you believe something will work you are often more inclined to make it happen. It’s called a self fulfilling prophecy. My dragonfly visitor this morning has convinced me I will finish this draft by the end of half term. Wish me luck! JT



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