Calling All School Children!

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Kids - I need your help! I want loads of brilliant questions from 4 - 14 year olds that I can put to professionals across the publishing industry. I'll compile their answers into a series of features on the site that will hopefully help us to really understand how a book goes from the first word on a scrap of paper to a shelf in your local library.

Teachers, why not set this as a class activity and I can credit your school and maybe publish their photo on the site if you would like that. Or kids - check with an adult then get in touch direct. There are 'contact me' boxes all over the website so don't be shy - tell me what it is you want to know and I'll try and get the answers for you.

Parents - There's no such thing as a stupid question so join in by sending me anything your children want to know and watch this space for the answers which I'll post as follows:-

A Day At the Desk Of ...

January - author

February - editor

March - illustrator

April - Translator

May - Cover designer

June - Literary agent

July - printer

August - Promoter

September - Publisher

October - Librarian

November - Book Shop Owner/Manager

December - Book Reviewer

I will enjoy being inundated with inspired enquiries!



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