As Good As Gold

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A volume of poetry celebrating the simple things in life

... as seen through the eyes of our favourite furry friends. It includes 35 poems and haiku.

My Thoughts

This is a charming collection of 'doggy' verse with an extensive range of other animals and nature included, as well as some delightful haiku at the end.

Young children usually adore books with rhythm and rhyme. Add some cute dog pictures (my favourite is the one in Why Rain?) and you've almost certainly got a winner!  

Kids of all ages will love As Good As Gold. It is wonderful to read out loud, for them to read to you or, with so much potential for joining in and taking turns, it would be a perfect book to pass around a classroom.  

I read an ebook version, so can't vouch for the quality of the production which is something I do like to do, (the 'feel' of a book is ridiculously important to me, which is why I am not a big Kindle fan") but the content is excellent and Patricia Furstenberg has put together a clever collection. You can find her here 

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