A Visiting Hero!

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Parus the baby blue tit is a hero in a story I wrote for one of my sons, The Song Birds of Lane End Garden. Imagine my delight when he turned

up on my friend’s doorstep the other week! I will try and work out how to put the story on my website for you to download. Watch this space.

I have been in my editing cave putting the final tweaks to The Witches Punchbowl this week. I’m about to do a final read through and must try and delete every single word that isn't needed - you'll be amazed how many ‘ands’ and ‘buts’ and ‘actuallys’ we can do without! Look at that last sentence - did the word single add anything?

There are new photos on the website gallery - some starting points for your own stories I hope.

I have had to disconnect the forum. I’m disappointed but there's a glitch with Adobe and you can't contribute from an iPod or an iPhone. I haven't done a survey but guess more than fifty percent of you use those gadgets! I'll let you know when they fix the glitch

That’s all for now …




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