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I have to tell you about a very special regatta I was privileged to attend at nearby Bisham Abbey - a beautiful medieval building ...

with lawns rolling down to the bank of the Thames.

Nearly three hundred children from special needs schools all around the area converged on the abbey on a sunny Wednesday afternoon to compete in accessible bell boating, sailing, paddle boarding, kayaking, wheelyboating and lots lots more.

The event was launched by The Princess Royal and attended by a host of paralympians and olympians as well as a special visit from The Royal Swan Marker about whom I will tell you more when I report on the traditional swan upping ceremony that takes place on the Thames every year in July.

Wednesday's regatta was quite a spectacle and I was delighted to see that, despite the chaos on the water, music from the wonderful jazz band and shrieks of delight from the children the resident swans refused to be driven away, instead lining up with their cygnets like elegant feathered spectators on the river bank opposite.

It is such a privilege to go on the water. If any of you have special needs and have felt that water sports aren’t for you, think again. And if you have friends or family who might be interested, check out www.RivertimeBoatTrust.org.uk and see if they might get involved next year.



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