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  • September 24, 2018

Today's 'Day at the Desk' has been prepared by the Student Librarians at Wycombe High School. Students of all ages from across the school got together to prepare a series of questions for today's guest ( .....), who is an intern at The BIA, a literary agency focussing on writers of Children's, Young Adult and crossover fiction.

Over to you, Wycombe High and thank you for joining us (intern) 

  1. Q - How did you end up at the BIA?
  2. Q - How long is your internship?
  3. Q - Are there specific subjects you need to study to become a literary agent?
  4. Q - What do you do in your 'typical day' if there is such a thing?
  5. Q - Can you explain in a nutshell the process from submission to the publisher's desk?
  6. Q - Do you have to turn a lot of authors away and is that difficult to do?
  7. Q - How many submissions does your agency receive?
  8. Q - What does an agent do for an author?
  9. Q - Is it the agency's responsibility to check for plagiarism?
  10. Q - Have you ever worked with anybody famous? If so, who?
  11. Q - What are the worse things about your job?
  12. Q - What are the best things about your job? 
And a question from me - do you have a favourite book and are we allowed to know what it is? 


Thank you very much to (intern) for answering our questions and to the fabulously interesting and interested Student Librarians at Wycombe High School for you brilliant questions. 




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