About me


I grew up on a farm in Somerset where I spent my formative years damming streams, riding ponies, losing my wellies in the bog and making tree houses. When forced to stay inside I escaped into books; Tom's Midnight Garden, The Little White Horse and The Secret Garden were among my favourites*, and I was a proud member of The Puffin Club and The Tufty Club. There was a boring chunk in the middle of my life when I tried to be mature and sensible, then my kids came along and gave me the excuse to revert to childhood.

My body lives with its family on the river Thames in Bray, but my mind lives in a world of magical mystery, eccentric people and endless adventures that I struggle to shape into compelling characters and intriguing stories.

I am still happiest out in the fresh air; on my kayak paddling up the Thames, jogging along the towpath or walking my dog Rumpole. I occasionally do a bit of cooking and enjoy that, as well as helping the kids with their six tortoises and four rabbits that crawl and hop around our garden. (I draw the line at feeding the tarantula.)  I can also be found doing the odd headstand under a tree when the wind is in the east

I write adult fiction with a friend under the pen name Ginger Black and our novel Riverside Lane is now available as a paperback and ebook.  I have also written five children’s novels (one for each of my kids). When Riverside Lane came out in paperback I was persuaded to give my children’s fiction an airing, and since then have been polishing up The Witches’ Punchbowl with my fingers and toes crossed it might one day sit on the shelf at our local library.

Other stuff - I am a regular guest on BBC Berkshire's Book Club where I review adult and children's fiction. I also visit local schools talking about reading, and in particular trying to solicit questions for the interviews coming up on the website. Get in touch if you or your school would like to join in. I am proud to be a Samaritans listening volunteer and visit secondary schools as part of The Samaritans school team talking about emotional health.  I am a big supporter of the new #BookBuddy initiative and am collecting books from far and wide to give to the local schools with whom I am linked. And I absolutely love my secret missions as The Bray Book Fairy, sharing stories and literacy in unlikely and unexpected places.  

Any questions?  Get in touch!

* Oooh - I hate choosing books - it's like picking my favourite child!  Have to add Stig of the Dump, Charlotte's Web and Olga da Polga to the list as I'm feeling guilty about missing them off! 

Ginger Black