About me

I grew up on a farm where I spent my formative years damming streams, riding ponies, losing my wellies in the bog and making tree houses. There was a boring chunk in the middle of life when I tried to be mature and sensible, then my kids came along and gave me the excuse to revert back to childhood.

My body lives with its family in Bray, on the river Thames, but my mind lives in a world of magical mystery, eccentric people and endless adventures that I struggle to shape into compelling characters and intriguing stories.

I am happiest outdoors, on my kayak paddling up the Thames, jogging along the towpath or walking my dog Rumpole. I do occasionally do a bit of cooking and enjoy that, as well as helping the kids with their six tortoises and four rabbits who crawl and hop around our garden.

I write adult fiction with a friend under the pen name Ginger Black and can be found doing the odd headstand under a tree when the wind is in the east.